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if you don't want to update the game at least stop with the radio silence and tell us what's going on.

By Lifewill#3077 April 17, 2020, 09:26:36
i sent several messages to the ankama asking about the update,in most of them they either told me that it will come some time in the future and that we should be patient in some other messages they told me that they will forward my message to the developer team.
now they are saying"unfortunately,we cannot disclose any information on why the Krosmaga update has not been made".

stop the radio silence already and tell us why it hasn't come and if possible when it will come.
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I really think this is Ankama. They have an issue of developing too many games and products and then these games requires maintence, balancing, communnity feedback etc. and they just can't handle. If you doo to many things, you won't be really good in then.

It looks like that when a game is struggling, they start to develop a new one and left the other with poor support. Online games requires investment, long-term projects and a real commitment of the company with the game and its community. You can't just abandon a MMO when problems start to appear, that's not how they can grow and attract people.

Maybe their only real succes is Dofus. Look how Wakfu started great and now lost the marjority of its community,  and then they started with Waven. 

I really hope one day Ankama becomes not only a game developer (there's no doubt about how good they are in creating their art and games), but also be good at game maintaince and support.
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I only discovered Krosmaga pretty recently and its very sad to see such a good game go to waste like that but alas its on me for not discovering it earlier. 
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well I really want to play this game.
and I can see that others do to.
what can we do to get ankama's attention?
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My bad guys never updated you on anything. Ankama in one of their Q&A live answere a question about krosmaga.

They said they are really sorry they got this delay. It was much more work than they expected and they are "still working on it" but they do not want to give any expected release date as to not repeat the same mistake of not delivering in time.

So welp no more news for a while.
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Ankama is deluded by the success of Dofus they think that it is just a matter of throwing a game online and they will get the players automatically they forget that Dofus was a niche, there were no tatic rpg online to compete with Dofus, those were the good times of online gaming 2003-2010.  

Ankama keep making Games that look alike scattering the players in many games, Wakfu, Dofus 2, Dofus 1.29, Dofus Touch, Krosmaster, Krosmaga it makes no sense at all, some time ago they abandoned Dofus to focus on Wakfu the worst mistake of Ankama, Wakfu failed as the main game and they returned to update Dofus again. 

I really like Krosmaga but people who are used to Dofus and Wakfu have no time to play Krosmaga like me and the game has a lot of competition, there are many trading cards games online and no one will drop Hearthstone to play Krosmaga, I prefer Krosmaga but...  many people would rater play you-gi-oh that they are used to the series than some weird characters of Dofus that I personally love.  
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And what is really sad is the fact that God Osamodas and Godess Pandawa couldn't make it to the game, I really would have loved to see their gameplay. Ankama really let this game die, 6 months without notices is a lot.
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Agreed. They could give us God Osamodas and Godess Pandawa in an update or two and I would feel better about them jumping ship to the next project. At least that would feel like a better leaving off point. Dont get me wrong. I love this game and would rather play it over other digital card games. I sank a fair bit of money and time into the game to get all the cards and really enjoyed it.  

I really like the lore and gameplay of all their games, but the way they have handled Krosmaga has turned me off of going deep into other games from them.
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A non-repliant creator team, a badly programmed game full of Bugs and trolls and broken Cards and much, much more… well, what does all that tell us?
Not to Mention i just today met the THIRD Highest Ranked Player - he's a total loser that should stay offline.
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3 Years later...
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Do you know of an update? It is incredible how little support he has had with how good he is. The game could be exploited in a thousand ways but they prefer to abandon it so that it dies slowly.
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Man, it's a real bummer that game ain't moving forward, and the devs straight up ditched their baby! It's one of the most gripping card games in its genre, and still got thousands of fans playing it. I don't know why they abandoned it, but it's got me feeling down, no matter what! Come on, developers, revive the game already, damn!

I'm telling you, we gotta grab some signs with pig-samurais on 'em and march around the developer's office in circles! Maybe then they'll hear us out!

Yo, Ankama Studio, I'm freakin' jonesin' for some new cards in my worn-out deck, man! Hurry the hell up! I just turned forty not long ago, and still no updates in sight!!!
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