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Devs are letting game die :(

By VonSaber April 17, 2020, 01:15:58

This really seems like a fun game. Im trying to get more people into it, and it reminds me of minion masters, but unlike MM there are too few quests to earn stuff, and nothing really for twitch... at least give partners to ppl so they can give away codes tog et more ppl into the game. 5 min to wait for a match...
Add random stuff,  even if tis missions for skin, tokens for stupid items... make it feel like there is some kind of progrssion. Maybe a season XP, to unlock stuff?

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Oh man I hated that MM stuff. You could get more gold from watching Twitch Streams and winning Giveaways than from ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME.
Wouldn't recommend.

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the main way now is only ranked, nothing else to do. MM at least diversified which is making it mor epopular. this game isnt that bad but gets boring with the lack of things to do to get additonalc ards and stuff.

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