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Aren't the packs a little top heavy?

By TheDove February 26, 2020, 23:15:09

There are more infinite cards than krosmics now that the whole leveling thing is gone.
Well, actually there always were, but now that leveling isn't a thing you have to get them raw from grabbing packs or using dust. Now its expected that you'd get most of the cards from card packs and dust would fill off "the things that you need", but now there are multiple krosmics/infinites that you are expected to spend dust on, because the chance of getting the infinite you want using even with a guaranteed infinite pack is minuscule.

So what then?

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Not very different from other cards game where you have less "infinites" but also very little chance of grabbing them. You'll most of the time craft the one you need.

It's true that getting the infinite you want out of all infinites is harder now, but a pack is a guaranted infinite (and I think 1 out of 10 packs~ will have a krosmic, and 1 out of 15 have 2 infinites? might not be up to date to the rates though).

Plus they decreased the dust/craft ratio by a lot so now you only need to dust 4 infinites to craft one infinite. Without taking into account you might drop a foil infinite.

So either every 4 pack you get the infinite you want (dusting them), or you are lucky and get it from pack. Or you get a foil. Overall that's fair I'd say.

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