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Minor note about Arpagone's drellzerker status

By TheDove#6182 February 15, 2020, 10:55:18
She doesn't check to become a Drellzerker. According to her card's illustration, at least.
This looks intended at first, but Ruel Stroud and Alibert(Both good Drellzerker choices due to having no passive abilities) still have Drellzerker tags.
What happens?
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One thing that doesn't exist in the game is when you summon a minion to have TWO effect (as in, you select two target). Arpagone already has the "Brotherhood" effect, and they decided to go with this one over the Drellzerker effect (that also is a targettable effect).

It's maily done because of code stuff, it's much easier to keep one target thing than two target for one effect / two effect.
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Lightspeed and blunt blade target 2 monsters wink

Sacrier rulezzzzz
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Those are spells, not minions.

Minions do have 2 targets too. One is where you put down the minion, the second is where you wanna have the spell have effect (if it has any). Adding another target would bring up this counter to 3.
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