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By SlayMortis#2669 February 05, 2020, 16:19:14

Why do You have us in your ... 

We re playing this game since release and we got 0 info about this game future. Last 2 information was a lie. 
I spent my money here. And i am thinking now... its maybe any legal way to refund now. Cuz invest it into game with 0 stability and future. 

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Esta muerto por parte de ankama...  una verdadera lástima que sean unos imbeciles 

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a bit weird that you'd pay money to play a game that you recieve zero enjoyment from tbh.

Ankama have actually posted a job vacancy on the main site, why not apply and get the ball rolling?

a bit annoying with the radio silence, but they have said they are overworked, and for a small company to produce as many awesome things as they have, maybe cut them a little slack eh?

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Paid earlier, when game was supported and updated. 

Say once per month "we working" takes 2 sec and gives us hope. 

They looking FR speakers. I am not one

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Thats totally fair.
To be honest if there was a delay then they should atleast let us know.

Its the radio silence that is the annoying thing, not the fact they havent reached the deadline.

Ive started Playing the WAKFU game which is pretty cool, and there are loads of other ankama games that are good to play while you are waiting for them to get this game sorted happy

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Right now i want them to say something more than i want them to do something. Same for Waven, i want to support their other games but it's getting annoying

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Ankama has a real problem of creating to many things, and it obviously becomes too much to handle. They really should start to focus more on maintance and review of what they already made than developing new products.

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inb4 new bad thing happens in 2020 and delays the update even further.

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