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goddamit ankama,what's going on with the update?

By Lifewill#3077 February 02, 2020, 13:20:02

it has been over a month,the update was suppossed to come at december.
even the chinese new year has passed,tell us what is going on with the update

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We don't know yet. In November we had a french communication saying that it was delayed as they could not produce it for December, and that it will be "early 2020". No news or specific date given since then.

Do know that they also use "early 2020" for a Dofus content (another of their game) and it's expected to be out in March.
Also know that late february is the 3rd anniversary of the game, we might get some information at that moment.

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I actually thought the game was abandoned (again) as Tot said back in October that there was no more team working on it cause it was doing no profit...   They are all working on Waven now...
He did mention the upcoming update tho, but I guess they are just too busy with Waven.

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I hope it will be on march

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I hope it will actually exist =3

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seems like the game is dead .... like their other great mmorpg wakfu =(

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