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By Alundrash#9399 January 31, 2020, 11:46:42

What are the prizes for each rank?

I've been playing for 3 months now and Im getting slightly higher each month.

So far I have ranked; 12th, 15th and now I'm up to 18th

I've been maining Sacrier, and my second is Iop, But I'm maybe needing to think harder about my decks.
I will post them in the deck section of the forum at some point in the near future, and maybe someone can give me a few pointers to raise my rank even further next month happy

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The rewards are (for the highet rank reached during the season)

  1. [10 kamas] x [max rank]. Thus Rank 10 = 100 kamas, Rank 30 = 300 kamas.
  2. 2 commun foil cards and 1 foil card that depends on your rank. Rank 6 to 10, an uncommon. Rank 11 to 20 a rare. Rank 21 to 25 a krosmic. Rank 26 to 30 an infinite.
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that seems a little low for a top rank sad

I played against somebeody who had a 100% shiny sadida deck. I fought my hardest but lost on turn 38 sad
how is that?

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