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quick question

By Alundrash#9399 January 03, 2020, 12:39:04

Can I have both classy and cowardly maskemane in my deck at the same time, or do they count as the same card?

I got cowardly in a booster and I have 1000 dust. so was wondering before I waste it tongue

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No, you can't.

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Awesome. Im aiming for Jahash Next happy

One more question;

Im sure in the tutorial it said that you can level up your infinites.
Is that right, and also, how does this work and also how long does it take?

Ive been playing for like 3 months now and none of them has even indicated any sign of levelling up O_o



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First, sorry for my english, i'm ESL.
The tutorial it's outdated. In the past, infinites had experience and level. In packs you could only get 1 star infinites. Playing the card, destroying a dofus or other summons gives you exp. Leveling the infinites gave you specific rewards depending from the infinite (2 star and 3 star, a specific krosmic card, kamas, global xp bonus, etc),
They changed the system and gave to players kamas for compensation depending from the level of infinites before the patch update. In my opinion, now is more cheap to craft cards for a specific deck, but is more difficult obtain all cards.

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