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What happens when you win a draft/go all in?

By Alundrash#9399 December 20, 2019, 20:56:59

just wondering what happens when you win a draft, I have my award for reaching stage 3 but no further.

also someone went ALL IN against me, and I beat them, but nothing happened o_O

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When you end a draft you collect the rewards based on your tokens and the stage you ended on (4th stage ensures a Gold Pack).
You can go All In only in each match on the 4th stage, having the chance to double your total tokens or to lose them all with each match

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Ahhh thats cool smile
Thank you so much.

Does anybody have any advice on how to get to the 4th round?

Ive been to 3rd round with 2 lives left using eniripsa (With loads of boowolfs)
and I got to 3rd round with Cra with one life and then lost straight away biggrin

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