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Update 1.14: Ready to Get Down to Work?

By [Wimkote] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - October 11, 2019, 14:59:03
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Oh i just realised I put my 3 card designs in a single post instead of 3, does that disqualify my designs?
I'd split it into 3 posts, but I only noticed now and it's already locked.

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By the rules its not valid, i dont mind being accepted, rules are too strict. But they can choose to accept

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Yes I also made that error a couple of times because it wasn't explained clearly.

I trust Ankama to be smart enough to pick the best designs regardless of what the post they were in looked like, the game being good is what matters more than how suggestions were made.

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It was properly explained, but mistakes can happen, i made one too .-.

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My 100$ is ready.

and i have request, can i have more deck slot?
I really need it.

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is this still a thing?

I cant find where to post in the french forum

Edit: nevermind I see its closed now sad

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