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An Update Before the End of the Year!

By [Wimkote] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - October 02, 2019, 10:58:38

Hi everyone! After much too long a silence, we're reshuffling the cards and taking up the Krosmaga project again. And we're starting with a very special update!

We're thrilled to share some good news with you today. After a year in hibernation, Krosmaga is waking up.

A few months ago, we announced that we were looking for partners to help us bring Krosmaga to an international public – but this process is a lengthy one. The search is ongoing but, just like you, we are getting a little impatient. So, we decided to give you (and us!) a little treat in the meantime.

An Update Before the End of the Year


Here's what you need to know now: In the next few weeks, we are going to start work on a new update for Krosmaga!

This update will consist of 40 cards:

  • 3 new cards for each god, and
  • 1 new monster family.

We'll keep you posted on how we will include you in the creation of these 40 new cards. What we can tell you now is that you will definitely influence the final product.
We are very excited to be able to spend more time on this game that, like you, we love so much.

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I'm so excited with this news! Krosmaga is one of the best games of Ankama and should have a lot more attention that it have now (from players also).
Don't forget to include new cosmetic items to buy in the game (emotes, pedestals), only with real money of course. We want to spend some money to help the project grow. 
Remember that the most part of players have a lot of accumulated kamas and dofus dust so they can obtain easily all the cards without spending any money.
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This is awesome!!! Please keep improving this games its so good!
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Hola ankama,nosotros somos un grupo de latinos que hemos tratado de mantener el juego vivo (por lo menos de este lado del mundo) ya que nos gusta bastantr,hacemos torneos amistosos y hemos tenido buena respuesta de parte de los jugadores
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Al fin !
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Yeeeiiiiiiii buenísimo!!!! Lo estábamos esperando desde hace mucho
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Gritos de fan girl!! Casi ya más de un año ojalá les pongan más cariño y amor al juego.
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Well, even tho I'm still kinda dissapointed at the lack of any news until now, I'm glad it's going at least marginally better then the Krosmaster, haha
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Oh god, I know this isn't a big update but IT IS A REASON TO COME BACK.

Glad to know you didn't give up on the game. Damn, I'll even buy the packs of the cards I don't need
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Yes! Curious to know what the new monster family is
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Surprised to see this update during my monthly check in on the game.

Hoping for the best.
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i hope you do better job at dvertising this game.

you should try bring it to consoles,especially the switch.
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Good news, I thought the game was dead for good, glad I was wrong.

Also, you guys could introduce new ways to monetize this game, like giving kamas for ads, maybe 5 for one and 100 maximum a day.

I can't wait to see how the new cards are going to look. Hopefully a new good is released next year.
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Era anche ora!biggrin 
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HOLY SHIT the madlads update the site after 1 year ahahaha NICE Guys we want mooooooooooore!
Put a subscription fee, some ads, idk! make use play more new stuff the game is amazing!
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Oh my god finally!! I'm so happy to see the game is still alive!! cant wait to play again with my gf with the new update~
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After playing MTG Arena I would love to see a battle pass like system added in.

Can see how it'd be a ton of work but would get nearly guaranteed monthly payments from players.
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