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Why do i always play first?

By pprk July 25, 2019, 19:06:38

Out of my last 15 games i played first 15 times and that's just the times i counted. The absolute majority of my games against player i go first and against AI i go second. Why?
This is so annoying, specially when playing with or against Cra, it builds a big disavantage

Also, why when you go second you get a bonus card AND 1 reserve AP? It is unfair, it should be on or the other.

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What determines whether you will be first or second to play is the sum of the APs of all your cards.

Gaining 1 AP for the second player happens to generate a balance.

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Of all my cards in my hand or deck? And who goes first either way?
If it is in the hand this is pointless because you can re-roll the whole hand

How does this generates balance? It gives 2 prims on turn 0 for the second player, plus starting second has advantages, including minions that do damage like that Wabbit, specially for Cra due to their range and their 1 cost minion.

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