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Kamas from Loot

By HChevalier June 04, 2019, 23:21:09

Was just playing a random match as Enutrof and suddenly got 300 kamas when grabbing the loot and was wondering.
What the hell was that? Was that a one time thing?
Didnt have anything new on collection so came here to ask

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Oh, this never got answered so I might as well give the information for anyone that might end up on this thread. There are two "easter eggs" in the game.

You can find the first one by entering the Konami code (really fast) in the main screen. I'll let you find it out for yourself.

The second one is when you pick up a loot. You have a very low probability (we never got the % but I'd say no more than 0.01%, maybe even lower) of picking up kamas. This is not something "unique" for each player so it might even happen several times for you if you're lucky.

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what would "start" be on my keyboard?

Nvm - Got it lol

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Haha, neat.

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