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Has he got any chance?

By marcoedaniele#7471 April 14, 2019, 15:18:39

Hi , just for fun, wanted to share a good moment with you. Armor piercing needed i guess.

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Nice numbers you got there, just ~50 more armor that the most I ever had.

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Battling AI's should obviously give you some small Reward, like 10 Karmas or something. I mean, isnt them being programmed, them already existing, but not doing anything when you're not a Beginner anymore, the very Definition of a Waste?! What a waste is that?? We Need better AI's and Rewards for Fighting them!!

So much wrong with this game:
It's also way too Luck-based, if not outright just Money-based.
It's so sad i can say this: I have 'lost' multiple times without really having lost for real. Both Players obviously saw that i was just the better Player, but Luck and Luck alone made me lose. That's sad. We both knew i'm the better Player... but i lost.
Not to Mention if someone just Pays Money to have better Cards. Pitiful as heck.
Sorry for ranting, but seriously, this game has a lot of Problems - many not even listed here… so sad…


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