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What is the highest attack a minion could ever reach?

By Obe December 16, 2018, 12:15:18

Here is the premise to this absurd experiment:
- It' s a game involving Eniripsa and Feca
- The players don' t have any way to inflict damage on a minion or to silence it, or to increase it' s attack directly
- Both players run Grougaloragran* or Grougaloragran*** (this is to prevent their dofus from being destroyed by their decks running out of cards).
- They are not trying to stall to activate the Necromigore
The game proceeds as normal, until Eniripsa uses Infected Flask to trade the attack of Sham Moon with a minion with 0 attack (Cawwot, Eliacube, or a minion whose attack has been reduced to 0 by Echo). 
At the end of the turn Sham Moon effects activates, making all other minions attack 0; then Sham Moon engages battle against another minion (since they both have 0 attack they don' t suffer any damage).
Feca plays Spring Gobball, which gains 1 Ar each turn (alternatively, She plays Celestial Scaraleaf so that her other minions gain 1 Ar each turn.
The fight continues for as long as the Spring Gobball keeps gaining armor (i believe the game wouldn' t register the armor increasing beyond a certain point). Feca then plays Aggressive Glyph on a cell next to her Spring Gobball, making it' s attack equal to his armor (until Sham Moon resets it back to 0).
Another setup would be for the Eniripsa to use Equality while her Spring Gobball attacks a wall , thus the wall and the Spring Gobball will deal only one damage every two turns to eachother, since the wall won' t move towards the Spring Gobball.
Feca then needs to summon a Celestial Scaraleaf and make sure it doesn' t reach an enemy minion or dofus (summon it behind the friendly wall), in order to nullify the damage inflicted to the wall (the damage the Spring Gobball receives is nullified by it's own effect).
The Feca would then summon her Hardened Hero, which gains armor each time the wall is damaged or a Spear Shark, which gains attack instead of armor, so that it' s not necessary to use Aggressive Glyph next to him (this setup is more complicated but the attack ramps up quicker if there is more than one of these endless battles going on at the same time. 
I would like to try this out if anyone is interested.

Or just play Sadida and get Elmer stuck between a Tree and a Seed you Iop brain.

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I mean, the highest ATK is theorically infinite, given you play a lot of atk boosters (Like red piwi) and then found ways to get them back to your hand. With help of your opponent of course.

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