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Devs I mean c’mon, Feca’s Rallying needs something to be done about it.

By Jenarall#2514 November 27, 2018, 14:50:35
I don’t mind the Rallying, but the way it is executed is a bit broken. I think Fecas being rallied should only make it to the halfway line and not pass it, if another Feca is on their enemy Dofus they’ve basically won the game since they can both shield and buff in the same turn, as well as being rallied. No one else see’s the problem here? Nerf it just a little, it’s frustrating having to deal with Rallying, shields and buffs all in one turn!
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Honestly I I like playing against fecas I enjoy a good challenge! 
sure rallying can seem op but when you look at it most people who play feca are trying to play like an iop with a sheild. 
So pretty predictable in that sense.
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You cry out for the devs. 
"Please Devs, help! The game still has so many balancing issues!
Devs, please! Where are you?"

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I understand, according to the last ankama live, that they are working hard on making the work better on a technival level. 

The, They're supposed to get back on content and balancing on 2019.
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