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People are exploiting the countdown timer!

By Jenarall November 11, 2018, 01:47:52

I like Krosmaga, I really do, but I have noticed everyone I fight especially in drafts waits until the timer has like 2 seconds left the press the “End turn” button to their time on the next round is not shortened. This especially takes away from the game as it makes it very frustrating having to wait that log every single turn, I would really like it if The Devs can do something about this.
Some of you may say “‘Maybe they’re strategizing how to play” I would understand that except for the fact that when they press end they play no cards whatsoever, they do this to frustrate other players into quitting so they can win I guess? This takes away the fun from the game as every round now seems like a chore, Krosmaaga is too simple a game for something so trivial as this tk come and mess it up.

I know the Devs hate it when the community cries out, but I wish and hope for once they atleast address something like this.


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I can understand being annoyed by the players who do this. But I can't think of any way to combat this without hurting the players who actually use the time to strategise and plan some moves ahead.

If you can then please share it.

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