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Feca's ''Rallying'' needs a rework!

By Jenarall October 14, 2018, 21:38:53

Like the title said, I dont think Fecas should not get a ''Free Pass'' beyond the enemy line once another abled Feca has crossed it, this is plain ridiculous, and on top of that when a feca Rally's he also gets a shield, HOW Ankama?? I find it a trend that there's ALWAYS an element of broken gameplay be it Dofus, Wakfu and now Krosmaga. get it together, that thing needs a nerf.

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I agree that rallying is overpowered in many situations. But I think the bigger problem is feca's New Wave spell.
Feca typically plays defensively until after turn 10 meanwhile if he is lucky plays one or two New Wave reducing his feca cards costs a lot. Then with rallying he will attempt to bring a full line of minions very close to your dofus in one turn.
This is a bit much especially since many feca minions have synergies and can shield or buff eachother and it all happens on the same turn. 

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If Fecas rallying ability gets nerfed to only work up until your own side of the board, she would become terrible. All her minions would need some kind of rework to thier base movement if that was the case, and if we do that Rallying may as well not be a mechanic, and that would be pretty boring.

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Maybe if glyphs only gave armor once per line, so you can't stack up too much. or if rallying only made them charge a bit, not the whole board...

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Rallying is one of the cores of Feca that enable her Glyphs. But if you deal with the minion nearest you and they have nothing to rally to, its less of a problem. I don't think rallying needs a nerf, there are some ways to counterplay. 
Shield can also be dealt with via a lot of different spells, minions that inflict damage, or other methods.

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