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Can't seem to beat Beardamon!

By ThatValGuy October 07, 2018, 23:56:55

Hello, fellow Krosmaga players!
I have been quietly playing in the background for a while now, and am (finally) getting around to playing the Dungeons. That said, I have looked up the page for general tactics for beating the Midgin dungeons, but the advice seems to fall flat for the 3rd part "Beardamon's Bad Mine" and the once functional decks are acts of futility now.

Any advice for beating the "Bearded Wonder"? I'm all ears!

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All I can say is that the best way to beat them is to play it by ear. An easy to use god will be your best bet. The Iop God is a simple and often versatile choice. I've beaten all the dungeons with this god by making a deck that has first strike and power up choices. You'll have to sometimes sacrifice a dofus or two, but this will often guarantee victory over all. Trying to defend most times is what caused me to lose often with any god I chose. I can't guarantee you'll always win right away, but you will win more then you lose with this god. If you like I can make a deck for you that may help in the over all.

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Thanks for the reply, zeroknightAH!
Sounds like it's fairly straightforward advice to me.
If you're willing to put up an example deck that you have had a good track record with in the third dungeons, I'll happily give it a try!
That last one seems to be a LOT harder that even being limited to 7 Points, too!
Since the guide pushes the Necro-book angle, it leans heavily on defense, and that doesn't seem to stand up to Beardamon's onslaught.

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