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Your experience with the draft?

By Spitsnaz#9387 July 15, 2018, 18:24:42
I've played the draft once — because the first one's free. Now that it costs 120K to play, I'm more hesitant (mainly because my butt was handed to me the first time I played and I think I'll just end up losing 120K in the end).What I'm asking is, what strategies do you take when building your deck, not knowing what cards are coming next? What are the prizes? How "worth it" do you think it really is?
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Totally worth it. The only downside is that draft is only available during weekends. You need 7 wins in order to be able to go infinite. Meaning u get all of ur entry back (120K) + 1 free pack. I don't remember how much u get for 12-0 without doing all-in but it's extremely generous probably like 500K and a gold pack I assume but if you go 12-0 with 3 ALL-INS u get 2000K and a gold pack so that speaks for itself i guess. No one will be good at draft from the start, that being said if you will do it for a while and won't be able to get at least 7 wins often then I guess it would be better to just straight up invest in packs instead but getting good in draft is definitely worth it without a doubt. Well for your question about deck building u simply need to know which cards are considered good value so you can pick them over the others and you should remember to try and mantain a good curve for ur draft deck.
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Thank you! Can you explain what consists of a good curve?
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I've had good runs and bad runs. Its almost always been fun though. 
I like that you can't really predict what your opponent may play next.

I'd recomend picking the simpler classes when possible, Like Cra, Iop or Enutrof. 
When it comes to picking cards try to pick the ones you know matches the classes strengths without being completely reliant on them. Usualy the class specific cards will be better than the neutral ones, but not always. 

Try to make sure youve got a decent mix of early-, mid- and lategame cards and try not to get cards that rely on family or certain playstyles to be valid, unless the cards youve gotten up to that point already support that.

Remember that all the cards you get in draft are 100% random, so be prepared to just try to go with the flow.
And if you know that the deck you end up with aint the greatest, don't take it too seriously and just try to have some fun with it.
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A slight emphasis on late game often pays off in draft, where good removal is rare, and true aggro is a very hard strategy to pull off.
You do need early and midgame though, and you need enough of it to make you likely to draw it in said early or midgame.
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Going with Koniacz here: worth it, but one doesn't get good with draft from the get go. Good cards are not always the same as in constructed, and, in my experience, god choice influences the result more then desired.

Can't speak for everyone, but for me Eni beats them all by design: enhancing/restoring minions is very effective. Iop and Cra are also "top tier".

Get a good load of removal. Get a good number of just big fat bullies. Synergies happen, but don't aim for them, passing just good cards. Anything that _requires_ removal response (e.g. Polter) is good. Anything that spawns more after itself is also usually good.
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This is very helpful. Thank you.
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You do need early and midgame though, and you need enough of it to make you likely to draw it in said early or midgame. CCleaner Happy Wheels VLC
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