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If Krosmaga starts creating its own characters eventually, we need a card called B. Abaji.

By javi243 July 01, 2018, 23:03:05

Its only fair for such a deity of the forums to have its own card, right?

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First Ankama intervention

Again, sorry about the spam. 

See message in context
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The necros and paladirs are already original to krosmaga.
At least, sort of.
I think some of them may borrow unused concept art from other parts of Ankama's krosmoz games.
And unless that same spambot is hitting the french forums, it's not going to catch on as a real krosmaga meme.

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It's a good idea actually, making a meme card and giving it to all players will negate all discomfort caused by spam. This card could do something like self-reproduction biggrin

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Again, sorry about the spam.