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Advice: if you lack a reasonable number of classical krosfinites, buy silver packs before the update hits.

By javi243 July 01, 2018, 16:00:10

The price of silver packs is about to increase 25%, but their value will also increase because there will be more krosmics avaiable in the booster card pool.  For each silver pack you buy now, you are saving 30 Kamas. Also,  the Kama refund from infinite levels will help you recover your K pool after the update hits,  meaning that, if you have bought 20 silver packs,  having a few infinites at a "non card reward level" will net you refund kamas. Around 600 or so for those that have no cards after 7, like vampyro, i think. So those 2400 kamas will probably get recovered when the refund hits. 

This advice is for players with an incomplete yet reasonable collection: people with an almost whole collection probably  get better results from hoarding for new expansions and new players need  bronze packs to build their collection. 

All said, hoard some silver packs if you want some krosmics, and remember: the first Lard devil is just a "choose your own krosmic" if you have the sad luck to draw it!

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I lack just a few, I think I'm going to craft them with the spare dust I have.

And my kamas are going to be used to level up some of the infinities I still don't have before the update hits, since they might be much harder to get.

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thats good if you need those infites , but remember you could also craft them. If you are at 1 star  and need 3 stars, i think crafting with dust from silver packs would be cheaper. now if you are at lvl 6 and you need lvl 7, go ahead. 

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