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What God Should Be Next?

By zeroknightAH#1103 June 07, 2018, 17:54:47

What God would all of you like to be added next? I like to see the Eliatropes deity become one of the new playable characters, tho technically the Eliatropes aren't apart of the twelve races in the world of twelve. At least according to the lore as I currently know, but it wouldn't be the first time a new deity showed up. I digress, what God would everyone else like to see added next?

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Osamodas would be my personal choice, I'd love to see what options the "summoner" god gets in a card game mostly about summoning things, though for some reason I feel I heard that Pandawa was next in line for addition somewhere.
Cannot back that up with any evidence though.

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Eliotropes were lorewise a mistake, spawned from people wanting to play Eliatropes in the game despite it making no sense from a lore perspective, and I hope they never get recognised with thier own god. 

Personally Im also exited for Osamodas, because he is cool, and I hope that he will bring some more interaction with neutral beast-like minions.

I must admit though, Im also intterested in seeing what sort of traits they would be giving to Pandawa. 

If we are allowed to dream outside of the realm of possibility though, I really want to see Cornu Mollu make an appearence! If nothing else because he has a super great backstory. 
In Krosmaga he could act as the patron god of Maskeraiders.

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I believe in Wakfu season 2 you learn what their deity's name is at least. I have to re-watch it and as much as I would love to see the Eliotropes get added to the God list. It's probably best they don't get a added any time soon, but it be cool to have some neutral cards of them.

As for what God should be next I like to see the Pandawa be next. Mostly because I feel the spells and minions would have bamboo milk related abilities. I get a good laugh with that, tho I also would like to see the Osamodas come into play soon too. I bet the topics being discussed at Ankama are interesting about how this group will work.

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Do you mean Eliatropes or Eliotropes? the Eliotropes aren´t mentioned in the series before season 3

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I remember they needed necro of masq, but can't see them now.  I think panda could be cool

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That was an art contest.
They had a card design contest later, though I think masqueraiders were included as a design option.
The fact that said design contest allowed for cards from "alternate interpretations of gods" like the rogue god, ouginak, and masqueraider is noteworthy.

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Pandawa for sure, everybody loves osamodas so i think that they gotta keep the best for last.

Then, when all of the twelve are properly relased, they could start releasing their second facets like Ouginak, Eugor and Oktapodas.

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I want them to first release the 12 first and then really start focusing on balancing and thinking how the game should interact. With every god release there is always some sort of new mechanic they are working with and right now it feels like balancing hasn't really been considered. I would definitely love to see this game become more thought-provoking and challenging. Include some real strategy in it. 

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Would love to see Pandawa next

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None are expected for the moment and a long time to come, sadly...

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i would rather pandawa over osamodas.
pandawa people can use certain spells only when they are drunk so her deck in krosmaga will take skill and will probably be balalnce.
osamodas are summoners and i have a bad feeling that he will summon 1 minion after the other and he will be broken.
feca and cra need to be balanced before the introduction of a new broken god.

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Wow. Maybe I should start a vote counter. See how many people would like to see either the Pandawa or Osamodas Gods be added first. It be interesting to see which desire is winning, even if it's not the one being worked on. If you like to see the Pandawa next type - "Pandawa God FIRST" or if you like to see the Osamodas next type - "Osamodas God FIRST" somewhere in your reply.

Pandawa God FIRST

I'll check and add the votes up each week or so, if this somehow catches on. laugh

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i guess ill go with the steamers

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steamers i guess its kinda sadida like but instead of the turrets be immovable it will be destroyed after 2 turns no applicable lifesteal plus it must be a 3 star difficulty because it cant be read very quick compare to iop and cra

the steamer must have a spellcast effect which damages them within area of effect like the steamers do in dofus plus they cannot summon turrets without a toolbox

toolbox- a specialized place for turrets to be built

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