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By jimnick#6662 May 24, 2018, 12:44:31

A month or two ago, you gave a very nice offer with 3 platforms in the price of one. Do you plan on repeating a similar offer for other platforms in the near future? I also missed the (older) offer with the jelly platforms, is it possible you can repeat that one?

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Hello! No offer of the same kind is scheduled on the short term. As for the exclusive platforms that were offered during these sales, they are still available in the in-game shop to be purchased individually. 

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Is it possible at some point to offer the platforms from the early seasons? Not everyone unfortunately was playing from season 1 and frankly some early platforms are awesome. I for example play since necro and paladir expansion and have missed a lot of them. So, could you offer them in the near future for kamas or real money as you do with a lot of them?

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