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"Culture" quest

By Qriev#4374 April 30, 2018, 03:51:12

The reward card is really nice.

The quest is not. The quest is literally the same as the "Brotherhood of the Tofu" quest we had a few weeks back.
Of course, playing seeds is a sort of viable strategy, but still, the quest is really boring. I didnt have too much problem with this, since I usually play Sadida semi-focused on seeds for Chimeras, also it doesnt take to long to complete. Sure, it, just as the "BhotT" quest changes up the gameplay, but not really for the better.

I remember in that thread that you dont have the right metrics (or right code for more complex requirements for quests), but you really ought to get your coders to make more complex metrics so that the quests doesnt remain "play X amount of Y". It would be nice to see the event quests from the "Play X amount of Y" formula to a more challenging/fun formula.

(as a side-note, we never saw that "play X Gobball" quest that accidently was released a few months(?) back)

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I would be happy to do something like "Play x Gobballs" or "Destroy x minions with Striches" (you know, those basic cards and families) laugh 
And, on the contrary, I avoid most quests tied to specific class or Infinites, they are just no fun.

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The problem with "Play X of Y" is that there is no active gameplay required for it to happen. That means that you can just, as happened with the Tofu quest, just cycle with Xelor.

Your second suggestion, on the other hand, is much better. Imagine finishing the quest, and then building a deck specifically made to counter other people trying to complete that same quest, which makes for a great dynamic, and instead of making a shallow quest, they invite for more unique playstyles than just that one boring "spam" playstyle. However, I dont think krosmaga has any advanced metric system for quests, it's all really barebones.

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