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It’s better with friends!

By [Dewit] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - November 29, 2016, 18:22:56
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Requested several times by the players since the beginning of Beta, the Friends list feature is coming! After this week's update, you will be able to challenge, discuss and even judge your friends on Krosmaga.  

You might be saying “But my friends don’t have access to the closed beta!” right now, and you would be right. But the “friends” feature is not the only good news we’re bringing you today: the beta will become open, starting on December 12th!

No excuses left, if you want to fight with your friends, you’ll have every tool to do so! Of course, you should prepare yourselves before teasing them: it would be a shame if you were to lose your first game against a pal after flaunting about your skill for more than a month. Just saying…
The spectator mode will also make its grand debut! You will be able to watch your friends’ games live. Whether they play ranked or unranked, or even training with a new deck, you can witness their game style and maybe even get some inspiration from it.

Here’s a picture of what it will look like. Beware that we’re still in Beta, it’s more than likely that this interface will change before the game’s official release.  



First Ankama intervention

Replying to AlexanderKuch

Nothing has been decided about a wipe before release, and it doesn't look like it will be different for the open beta. 

See message in context
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Great! I want the money in you inventory xD.

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Finally now I can watch why my friends are stuck in rank 10  XD

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Great! I believe you'll be putting a daily which requires you to play with a friend or something (dailies can be refreshed anyways for those who don't have friends :c)

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Very excited!

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Markzs: I dont have any!!!

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What about wipe?

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Nothing has been decided about a wipe before release, and it doesn't look like it will be different for the open beta. 

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Will this game be available for mobile devices later on?

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Yes, we plan to release on mobile as soon as we can. smile

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Excelente!!! avisaré a un amigo que me pidió una betakey, ojalá poder ver jugar a otras persoas también, por cierto, el diseño de la interface está sencilla, también me gusta eso

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Cierto!! ¿when did you think to fix the Atcham bug?, it's invulnerable to silence

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We did a small patch yesterday which should have fixed this problem. 

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I want a key.

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Can't wait :3

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Enjoying the game so far hopefully some new nerfs will go out since it still feels a bit unbalanced. But I agree a Wipe sounds nice.

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