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Anyone else ever feel like quitting this game?

By jumadjinn March 19, 2018, 04:38:40
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Hi guys.
After nerfing sacrier i've played and played and last week i've build a deck. 12 on a row and jumped from19th to 25th.

Making a 3star infinity card does it takes only one week. And u can use only 5 infinities on 45 card.

Each "have to be nerfed combo" can be beaten.
U have to be smart and lucky.

Dont expect that the game can be balanced. It's not possible. And wath do u mean with balanced?
If i always loose with enripsa i have to add bloodsucker. Very simple. This is one case.
Balanced doesn't mean that u will reach good rank easily.

If u play a powerful minion expect that it will polverized istantly. A player can kill powerful minion in 1 turn only 5-6 max 7 times.
If my opponent use 2 spells to destroy decepcticod i'm happy. The next minion have much possibilities to reach the goal. I use 30 minion and each one can destroy a focus, even a grinch. And winning with a grinch make satisfaction.
I've played 2 times with player in the first five rank. They beat me with very simple cards.

I'm waiting 4 the new god. Not easy job to add it. Let they do their work. They does it good. Except music.

Take it easy guys and be smart.

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But I want to complain about easily fixable things.

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If I come to the point of leaving this game it's because there's not many things to do besides pvp, events are very rare and troublesome to make for the developers, I've already cleared the dungeons and I hate draft.

Currently the only thing that entertains me is collecting cards, pvp makes me stressed both on ranked and unranked, but I don't feel like quitting, I really like this game and the lore behind everything, the "unbalances" are corrected quickly compared to other games (Konami on yu-gi-oh duel links took four months to neuter Cyber Angels which were almost tier 0 there) and don't really bother me because I'm not a whiner, I like to pay attention to the competitive scene to build my opinion, and often, I come to the conclusion that it's diverse and healthy, and if it's not, I trust the devs to take the right actions in time.

As for you, I'd advise you to take a break, do it, everybody needs to do this at some point, you can always comeback at some point to check if things turned more pleasant for you.

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Also, it feels like instead of going all in on gods, they're just playing safe with a lot of cases.
Eca is a good example, it's supposed to be a god of "chance" but it's literally only positives with rolling dice.

Ecaflip Die could either deal damage or add armor/heal target if it landed on specific faces. (damage for 3 and above, add 2 armor if it lands on 2 and 1 armor if it lands on 1) for example.

Loaded Die could reveal the casters dofus if it hit 4 or all your dofus if it hits 6 for example.

Feline Leap could have bad numbers like 2 or 4 which would put the minion back into your hand increasing AP cost, or reduce AT of that minion to one.

I remember Ecaflip Roulette used to have a "kill" function, but what if it instead dealt 1 damage if you 4 and healed you for one damage instead of armor if you landed on 1.

It would probably be hard to get that into the description of the card, but letting gods be more "Pure" in their nature would be interesting to see, so in that respect I agree with OP.

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As someone who mained Eca, I can tell you those dice-rolls need no nerfing. Most people who are capable with Eca remove about as much randomizing as they can for the very reason that it tends to bite you as is. Sure if you can survive a first-attack from an opponent you can jump them... which is great... but usually the opponent knows you might do this and assures a counter. Second, when you need armor, you rarely get what you need (or get a six when all you need is a one). The damage rolls are often not enough to truly help, or are too much when you only need a little.... but there's games where they save you for sure. 

But again, look at tournaments. Very rarely are random spells utilized. Coin-flips to up Sharpe are the mainstay of Eca mainers. And if the opponent is running silences (like I always overload with) Ecas are usually rendered useless. The most effective non-tournament Eca is the Necro, which is still no easy task to set up. If you created a chance of damage with ecas, you'd have to truly tweak the entire deck system for him... because he's already weak on his god-specific cards due to randoms and silence weakness. 

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oh my god... who care?

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Devs are just a group of hipocrites which say that cra is fine and dont nerf her even when community asks for it over and over
even hearthstone devs listen community, never saw that in krosmaga
group of blind devs

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That's not what "hypocrite" means though.

Either way, the forums is full of suggestions of tweaking Cra into a more tolerable place, and a lot of good suggestions at that. But at the moment it seems like people are content with telling people asking for nerfs  "Git gud, scrub" or "It's a skill-check". I dont think that "you're just bad" is an excuse for letting unbalanced things be left alone.

Anyways, if you're having trouble dealing with Cra, just load up on damage spells as any class (Iop, Feca, Sram doesnt really do too well against Cra) and you make it a lot easier for yourself.

Problem with Cra is that they have too many direct damage spells that cost too little (4 damage for 4 AP? It should be 6 at least), so since you cant spawn any minion until they have used a lot of spells your only chance is to kill their minions so that they dont get the free dofus damage (which they get so easily, since range is an unbalanced mechanic as is imo, there should be some mechanic in place so that they cant just stand in front of your dofus and get free damage on minion you spawn without a chance for counter attack. Something like they lose their range after 1 attack on a target on the opponents side" or something).

Of course, any suggestions is ignored since "she's just a skill-check".

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Qriev|2018-04-20 03:55:08

 I dont think that "you're just bad" is an excuse for letting unbalanced things be left alone.


I agree that if Cra was unbalanced indeed the argument like "you are just bad" would be absurd. The problem is that she is not overpowered at all, since how can you call a god with 38,4% winrate (data from february) overpowered? Just explain me. Cause I can't find single argument about it. And no, saying that she has direct damage and range is not argument. Direct damage and range is just speceificity/asset of Cra - each god has such ones, while those of other gods evidently work far better atm. Don't abuse Devs, cause they don't need to nerf god that is pretty weak atm just because (with all the respect) some low elo cohort find playing against her uncomfortable.
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I don't think "unbalanced" and "overpowered" means the same thing (which is why I wrote"unbalanced" and not "overpowered"), but whatever. smile

Then, let's say she's actually trash then. Instead of having her be trash AND be a bad experience for new/low-rank players (I'm not sure why you're suddenly going "some low elo cohort" on me, but ok), why not fix the frustrating mechanics and make her viable in the same go?

It's not like I can't beat Cra players, the current decks I play can deal with her quite well, but it does not make it any less frustrating.

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i have been around for quite a long time. i am not quitting for the bugs or glitches. just want to leave for a periode of time as the game has no longer interesting to me as it was when i first played it. so planning to play other game genre in apknite for a change before coming back. i want to see a really changing into the game, because there have not been lot of updates and adding into the game recently

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Well I just started playing like 1 month ago and still I'm thinking that this is a good game (even undervalued). On the other hand I only play like 1-2 matches a day so probably don't get so tired, but it's natural get bored of any game if you play a lot for a long time. Sometimes it's better leave the game for a while.

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