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Can anyone help me against eniripsa?

By battrix-back#5637 March 11, 2018, 10:02:37

Guys I'm just searching for tips against this OP class. Can anyone tell me why they have spells for all the situations and how to confront them?

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Aniripsa struggles against silence effects. They are a buff-debuff based class, . also, if you dont have all your minions in the same row, they cant aoe kill them,  and that makes eni weak to early swarming.

Aniripsas power is in the late to mid game, mostly, as they carry boowolves , so winning early is a must. Agaisnt eni decks that dont carry many silences cra could also stand a chance. 

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I run silence/stritch/MPBoost with Xelor spells. Works well against her. But it has holes against other stuff. There's no way to make a perfect deck, outside of broken OTK Sadida... which still takes some setting up and proper draw order. 

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Nowadays Eniripsas don't even run Boowolves anymore, they're too costly and lack versatilty, most of the time the only thing you  would do is summon a boowolf then your turn is done which is not a good think given how versatile the meta has become. (most of the gods can easily build field presence in the early game)

The current trend is this exact deck: 

It's a heal/control deck, it really can deal with almost anything and it's very effective against the meta.

Today I was playing it to find out what is its weaknesses, was wrecked by a hunter Ecaflip, a sylvan power Sadida that topdecked Miranda and an aggro Cra.

I'm still not sure about her main weakness, still need to learn how to play it properly.
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oh my, an high end deck that i have most of the infinites for . Scary. 

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Thanks for the tips guys, i'm just think yo try an early deck with some silence cards. Maybe... 1 AP cost with chafers to constant buffs (sorry for my bad English)

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It depends on what class you play. Golden blibli is very effective if you also play a control deck, against eni. 

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Silence Bow-Meow works pretty well too. It's not an easy deck to run, but it gives you the option for aggression early. And then good timing/choices on what you silence works wonders. 

She'll often use the AT-switch on a buffed Meow, and that can sting. So usually you want to pressure her on your fakes. That way at worst you goose-chase her to a fake with the high-AT waste. The 3-damage to a class also works great against her. But that's only if you have a built Meow deck with Eca. 

You can get really creative with a Iop spell/Meow/Chafer deck too. It's a hard deck to run. But if done correctly can tear the Eni up pretty effectively. 

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