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infinite cards exp

By OGDaBoy March 08, 2018, 18:51:56

Hi! I have a doubt about the exp that these cards gain on each game, sometime appear 20 exp sometimes 10.

Can someone explain me if it needs a item or something? sad

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Infinite cards gain exp by just being summoned. It also gains exp  if it kills an enemy minion or destroys an enemy dofus. 

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From what I observed, 10 exp for being summoned, 1-2 for a kill, another 10 for destroying a dofus, and 5 for every summon after the first.

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They gain  a basis of 10xp upon appearance, 1xp after killing a minion and 10xp after killing any Dofus (real or fake) and a maximum basis of 60xp per match.

You can increase this ammount by leveling certain infinities that give you a bonus when they reach certain levels.

Here you can see all their unlockable treasures:

I think that's it.

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The  base exp its 5 for play, and the first time that you play a infinite in one battle, gets double exp (2*(base+bonus)).

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what happened to the xp system?

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They quit it, now you can craft the krosfinites and the other versions of the infinites (1 star, 2 stars and 3 stars)

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