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Neutral cards ideas for Feca decks

By Obe November 30, 2017, 17:31:28

Not all Feca's cards have been revealed yet so some cards may not be worth putting in a Feca deck in the end. 
Here are the revealed cards
With Feca I have two strategies in mind: one focuses on rallying and the other on protecting minions with armors and shields.
I think the rallying one will be more aggressive. I will put a lot of 3 ap fecas in this deck so that when i reach 9-10 ap, up to three fecas can rally eachother in one turn and possibly OTK the opponent (watch out for Eni's Incision and Enu's Hallowed). Strong removals are reccomended. 
As for neutrals i would put minions that can allow fecas to move faster, specifically: Glai, Grambo Chief, Alibert***, Justice***, Ancestral Blibli, Hairy Princess and most importantly Polter. I suggest playing Polter on a middle row and protecting it with Feca Shield so that it's not killed by the opponent's spells. Once it reaches an enemy minion it will turn it into a bush and from there I summon the first Feca, which other Fecas should rally to . Midgin Hammerer is also scary when summoned on a Bush but it's probably not worthy in more than two copies. Green Larva is good for making rallying more unpredictable as long as your Fecas have no more than 3 at. Just hope your first feca doesn't get stuck on a corner row.

As for the more defensive deck I thought of Scaras (Aggressive Glyph can make their attack go through the roof). Using Natural Attack for dotting enemy dofuses and Meteorite Shower as the main damage spell. Byron Llyoung should be good at defending a dofus and Midgin Protector and Master Shhhudoku can further increase his attack while protecting minion further away from the starting cells.

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Yeah with all the armor interaction her cards have Scaras really are the obvious choice.
That and cards with a lot of attack and/or movement that you can give shield and/or rally.

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First of all: Scarafly. It's even better if you can interact with armor right laugh
Also the big version that gives AR every turn.
Then, Feca has a card to one-shot a dofus, a uncommon to inflict dofus-damage on multiple lanes, and a card that can give you three orbs, making necro tactics faster. On top of that good draw and many dofus-shields.
Decide on one of these ways and play your standard stuff and draw/deckthinner.

In case of the mentioned uncommon card, it fits really good with the armor monk. Then bakara on top and if you draw it all you damage their dofus by 4. Curses doing the rest. So you should cycle them a bit.

Now if you can control your health a bit you should consider a few AT changers like Lela (also AR) and moon(most normal fecas have 3 or less AT)

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*cough* [Razetime] *cough*

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I think you could use albinaraknes to reuse some of the minions that can give shield and armor.

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