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Revealed cards

By Yarn-yoshi November 24, 2017, 14:42:39

Hey guys
i know your super busy at the moment but is there any chance of an English translation on the revealed cards?

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First Ankama intervention

This thread is a duplicate, I'm closing it so there's only way thread of discussion for you. 

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Sorry my dyslexia offends you!
my self esteem is soaring now 

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Cards got spoiled? Where?

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Check Krosmaga twitter.

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Take these translations with a grain of salt since I'm just using google.

The "natural attack" feca card says that your minions with armor inflict 1 damage to the enemy dofus in their line.

The 3 enutrof cards:

The 5/5/2 for 4 says :
Gain 1 move when there's an enemy minion in front of it. I think that means directly in front of it, but it might mean somewhere in the same line in front of it.

The 1 AP card says "put 2 loot on your side." I'm worried I've mistranslated "put" but that does appear to be what it says at the moment. That's quite a card if that's what it does.

The 2/3/4 for 4 says it can be summoned on allied loot.

The sadida cards:

The 3/3/3 for 3 seems to do 5 damage to the next enemy minion that enters play. After that, I think it does 2 to itself, but all I know is that it deals 2 damage.

Seems good to me.

There's a 3 AP spell that I believe conveys an effect on a minion which makes it take 1 damage per cell it moves or charges from then on. Sounds like solid removal if you can manage its timely use.

Then there's a 5/4/3 for 4 which deals damage to a minion in the space in front of him equal to his attack.

WOW. They are giving sadida some solid removal.

Anybody want to call me out on a mistranslation?


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link to sadida reveal?
ah found it.
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This thread is a duplicate, I'm closing it so there's only way thread of discussion for you. 

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This thread was started first but what ever!

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Sorry didn't mean that to happen, but I needed to have the first post so that I could update the thread and make everything more noticeable.

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