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Horde Fix Proposal

By Shatae#6779 November 01, 2017, 05:01:32
I feel like this shouldn't be a thing... yet it happens every game.
All ghouls are basically free by mid/late game. Play [Golden Piwi], and now every one of these free ghouls lets you play more free ghouls.
[Ghoul] now draws a free ghoul plus another potential ghoul, while [Ghoul Taka] replaces free ghouls plus another potential ghoul.

Horde: Whenever one of your Ghouls dies, the cost of your other Ghouls is reduced by 1 AP.
Horde: The cost of Ghouls is reduced by 1 AP for every Ghoul in your discard pile.
  • This change would encourage players to think more about when to use both [Ghoul Dorak], and in turn [Ghoul Taka], instead of playing them just to empty your hand of ghouls.
  • If players choose to run fewer [Ghoul Dorak]s, fewer horde cards will naturally make it both harder for your deck to ramp ghoul discards, and easier for other decks to manage against this ungodly ghoul spam.

Also: is [Ghoul] supposed to have the horde effect? Because it's currently the only ghoul that doesn't, and it feels out of place, to say the least. 
Correction: [Ghoul] has the horde effect, but it is not written on the card.
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Also the skeleton dhreller would conter it

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and Sram's graveyard card. 

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Overall, I would really enjoy this change. Playing it and going against it, playing it now is kinda mindless and I would definitely like to have more thought and give and take when using certain cards, not just have every card be 0 no matter what. 

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When I first read Hoard I figured it worked like that AP15 8 8 card. Where only the Ghouls it effected was it ones in your hand. What other ways are their to mod every family card in your deck before drawing them?

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Haha that's what I thought as well. I thought no way would this effect affect cards in deck.
Ghouls are (thankfully) the only family that affects cards in your deck. Hopefully something will change...

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Agreed, the simplest fix, is to only let it affect the cards in your hand, and the way the cards are worded it seems that was the original intent.

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then noone will play ghouls
thats their power to reduce their all cost

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sorry if i miss the convo but during that time each gods is kinda underbalanced and need some new playstyle for it to change the game`s nature and to bring more players in to play the game

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