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Give us MP removing neutrals. Give defensive decks more options.

By HoudSin October 30, 2017, 16:18:20

The game is in dire need of neutral minions that remove the enemy minions' movement.

Quite simple really, we already have Grambo Chief and Glai which are both very cheap ways of reaching your opponent's Dofus, and are staple cards in aggro decks, for good reason, they're too effective as there is often no counter for them. And those two are the most common ones, as now more and more people are using Goultard***.

To give an example, every time I'm against a Sacrier player, and they have a minion on the center of the board, I assume that my Dofus on that line is going to be destroyed. Why? Glai + Moribund, and that's only 5 AP to plow through whatever you had defending in that row and have your Dofus destroyed.

And you can bet anything that every Sacrier deck is going to have that option available to him. And that's only for one god. Iops add to that his charge abilities to sometimes walk all the way across the board. Cras can also reach your Dofus in one turn with that. Ecaflips bow meows get to 7 MP. And that tactic is so effective, that there are even a lot of Eniripsa decks that use them, even though the god doesn't really favor that approach.

And that is terrible for the game, as for just one example, cracklers are already useless in the meta. If you favor slow moving decks, you lack the tools to counter sudden charges, you may play high HP minions to try and defend, but it's on their turn that he decides just how he will destroy your Dofus.

With all that said, and with the clear fact that defensive decks are always at the mercy of more aggressive ones, I ask that there must be more cards that remove MP from enemy minions, and let it be the first decision in favor of a more well-paced game, without both players always racing to see who rushes the enemy Dofus the best.

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we already have a bowmeow that exchanges his 2 mp with another minion mps. AS far as i know, that is neutral. 

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It is

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