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Doubt infinite card

By Tanuky69#2021 August 02, 2017, 18:46:46

I have an infinite card that has suffered "nerf" and is to be rebounded. My doubts are as follows:

"Is it worth having Count Harebourg, or can I turn it into" eggs "?

- if I "renounce" Count Harebourg I continue with the other 2 card of 2 and 3 stars?

- if I count Count Harebourg until lvl 9 would I earn the renbolso equivalent to 3 infinity cards? (1800 rebolso x3)

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1.) I don't know.
2.),3.) You get 1800 "eggs" + the Kamas you need to get the card on the level it is now (for example 1500 kamas for a maxed card). So you don't get more "eggs", but Kamas in the same value of the card.

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Thank you for responding ^^ v

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If you aren't actively using harebourg, nor do you have any plans to, refunding it will always be the best option since it gives you enough "eggs" (i've always called it dust, but I don't think that's the offical name) to make any infinite you want. If you don't refund it, and you open another harebourg in a pack later, you would only get 300 "eggs" from it.

I think rollback (even after the nerf) is a strong card, and I like 3-star harebourg for decks that are particularly afraid of curses, like necronomigore decks. I'm not very impressed with 1 or 2 star harebourg though.

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Many thanks for your opinion ^^ v

But, taking advantage here ... what infinity you recommend to take (Type the top 10).
I'm new to the game .... and I've been collecting "powder / egg"

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Fracastador|2017-08-02 21:56:07

This was a list I looked at when I was starting out, that is probably better than mine. (Note: it's in french.)

It doesn't include necros and paladirs infinites, but I think that for the most part, those aren't the best. They aren't bad, but the original infinites contain stronger contenders.

Fracastador Thank you !!

I helped a lot !! 

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