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Necro decks are fun. Paladirs are too.

By Ryverlestar#9251 July 17, 2017, 17:09:24

It took me 4 games to realize frightening and fun the Necroz and Paladirs are.
1. Combo or (some)easily triggered abilities.
2. Game changing and a little scary when done right.
3. scary abilites.
1. Flexible tactics
2. That Necronomicon is like a bomb waiting to detonate.
3. Downside: Reveals your downside, Upside: I like those odds.
I like those cards. I just wish any else tried pulling out those Necronomicons. Well I did twice and I just got lucky.
Any else but me pull out that book?

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I run a sacrier dedicated necronomigore deck.
Sometimes I book twice in the same game (though if I have to do that, it means I'm getting destroyed, and I usually lose)
Deck wins more often than it loses, and it wins with the book 90% of those times.
I have yet to play against anybody else who has produced the necronomigore against me though.

NOTE: This deck is extremely grindy. Games take a while.

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Ikr. It took me awhile to get the book out. Tricky but worth it.

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[Pollination] -> [Botany] ==> [Bakara] ==> [Pollination] -> [Botany]

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Shatae#6779|2017-08-09 10:25:21
[Pollination] -> [Botany] ==> [Bakara] ==> [Pollination] -> [Botany]

unli pollination hahahahahaha
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