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Looking closer at issues with Iop

By Telphia#9838 May 18, 2017, 08:57:09

I started a thread about a month ago talking about the issues that Cra creates in the game.  I still believe Cra is a problematic character, but part of why the upper level players don't really see that issue is because Iop is actually so much more problematic.

So this is where things have apparently come full circle.  On the forums, most people complain about Cra constantly and are basically told otherwise by the higher ranked players claiming that Iop is the real nightmare.  So what's the deal, who is the real problem child?

Let's start with Krosmaga's design.  Despite the simple premise, most games of Krosmaga will probably be won with gimmicks and tricks, for better and for worse.  Rarely does someone travel the entire row without playing at least a little dirty, but that's actually great because of how they designed the game: Every god is encouraged to play dirty, just in different ways.  Iop overpowers, Cra targets, Eniripsa heals, and Ecaflip cheats.  That's just the nature of the game.

Krosmaga is full of different kinds of tricks, but as people have played the game more and more, certain styles have proven themselves superior.  Probably the most arguable point I'll make is how I rank gimmicks on a power curve:

1 - Removal (Damage, Destruction or Bounce)
2 - Mobility (+MP, Charge and Teleport)
3 - Pump (+AT, +AR)
4 - One-Sided Combat (First Strike, Ranged, also Stuns)
5 - Nerf (-AT, Silence, AR cut)
Way worse - Healing (Restore HP, basically bad Pump)

There's others as well that are much narrower or just harder to judge (Mill and Discard Reaping; High Axis of Randomness, etc), but generally speaking the top 5 things are what tend to win matches the most, the more you have the better.  Cra heavily excel at Removal and One-Sided Combat to the point that it feels unfair, but that's only 2 out of 5.

Iop have 4, and they are nearly as oppressive on those 4 as Cra is to their 2.  Iop decks are heinously frontloaded with Pump, Mobility and One-Sided Combat, and also have a fair chunk of Removal as well.  For being the most straightforward class, it's interesting that Iop probably has more options and tricks than any other class.

A majority of Iop's creatures either have First Strike or give +AT, one even gives First Strike.  The rest of the creatures either Charge your team on Appearence, or Charge your team every turn, which is also nuts because even moving forward one space shaves an entire turn off your attack PER MINION.  Not to mention in a game where health doesn't recover naturally, First Strike gives a pretty significant advantage.  Secondly, buffs don't wear off, so each increase in AT lasts until the creature dies, so you either trade up incredibly well or simply destroy things in one hit.  Making things worse is that most non-minion Iop cards are either insane Removal (Shake is absolutely insane) or the most ridiculous Pump (Compulsion costs 3 AP and pretty much wins every single fight).

Now on closer inspection, I actually do think most of Iop's minions are generally reasonable, but all of their spells are completely ridiculous.  Chuck Morris being a 1/1 for 1 with First Strike isn't actually that bad, but a single Compulsion allows it to automatically defeat pretty much anything costing 2-3 AP WITHOUT EVEN TRADING.  Iop's biggest problem is efficiency and versatility, their benefits are just way too cheap and easily abusable with almost no chance at counteraction.

In a game like Magic: the Gathering, hyper aggressive decks were usually offset by the other player having opportunities to either counter or redirect a lot of the aggression, but there is no such system in Krosmaga: once you make your army stronger, it remains stronger, and if you're the fastest/best at doing that, you'll probably win nearly every game.

TLDR: Iop is hella busted, way more than Cra will ever be.

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I agree with your comments on Iop's bloated toolbox of abilities, and that Iop is the most powerful of the gods from my experience, but the way Krosmaga dampens the power of aggro is that if you commit too many resources into taking a fake dofus, aggro decks find themselves out of cards when control decks start to get rolling, unless they get very lucky. Blue larva, however, is the problem with this balancing act, since it is so good at refilling aggro strategies' hands. When I lose to aggro decks, it feels more like I lose to blue larva and decepticod combo, than because of the early domination of the board.

By the way, I think Chuck morris is balanced because he only has 1 health. Anything that does damage kills him. Even after a compulse, he's still only a 3/3, and that means he can't beat a wabbit without additional pump. The resource commitment required to make him win combat isn't usually worth it, in my opinion. Larger first strike minions, or larger minions supported with stun, are far more dangerous.

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I agree. I feel like there is barely any room for moderate decks since blue larvae helps extreme decks, like mill, aggro, etc. However the problem also lies with too op cards in decks like transform, light speed, and authority might be somewhat op too. Along with the mask infinite that makes you discard a whole hand and draw 5 cards. That card is Literally perfect for wasteful decks. 
Even golden sow makes it so that it favors decks with first preemptive strikes. 

Also so the fact that you draw so often in this game while not sacrificing much. Each card is powerful and so it feels like the person who draws the best and uses it efficiently wins. 

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