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By Tristhephin#5773 May 02, 2017, 02:38:35

This Cra is rank 7, i am rank 10 almost touching range 11 (If i am that is for something), in the 5º shift im over.. Dude, they have a card who can destroy your summon for 5 of mana, only Cra have something like this, any class have something like that dude, 3 free cards of the class who makes 4 of damage, a tornado who makes 2 of damage in all your table, other card who makes 3 damage on your summon and 1 on your dofus, other who makes 2 of damage and if that kills the summon she win a new card, archers whit 3 or 5 of range, cards for put that range in 1-7.


I already said this once, and i will say it again.
¿Does Cra really need all that damage and mechanics? I understand that it needs to be an easy class to play like the Iop, 1 star initial classes, but dude, this is too much.
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That situation doesn't look that terrible.

Since it's your turn, tap your reserve to play Royal Moogrr in the center column, taking out that archer.  You'll be left with a 3/1 that the opponent needs to spend removal on since it'll probably trade with most minions from Cra (not in opponent's favor).  Next turn, drop your 4 mana Xelor on the far right, spend your last 2 AP on desyncro, killing one of the Whisperers (prefer the one in your Dofus row).  The 4 cost xelor will die and hit Lela for 2.  On the third turn, drop Qilby on the row with the other whisperer.  You could also drop Lela instead of Qilby, storing your leftover AP into your reserve and then drop a Milkar using the whisperer as fodder.

If the opponent spends removal on your 4 cost Xelor, you can spend the desync on Lela instead, and follow up with your own Lela and Blue Piwi.

You definitely have options here.

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I have options, but she clean my table in the 5º shift. :,)

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That's not a Cra issue, that's a "you got caught with your pants down against an aggro deck issue". He has 13 mana worth of stuff on the field, you have 0. Looking at the timeline your first play of the game was a 4 AP Dragonpig....yeah a competant aggro deck is going to run right over a start that slow.

He has 5 units on the field, you have 0, and your hand is too high curve where you can only play 1 minion a turn.

That being said, you are fine. Use your AP reserve, drop the quartz in front of the 4/4,  and use the desynch to kill the 2 HP archer threatening your dofus. Next turn use your AP reserve and drop the Piwi and Leila. The turn after that drop the Royal Moogrr. If your opponent has a Glai and two 2 damage spells you get blown out, but when you aren't able to summon until turn 4 against an aggro deck you should already be expecting an uphill battle.


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I know how to play, thank you, the photo is for show how Cra is broken. 

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As a Cra only player i fear Ecaflip, Sacrier, Sram. 

Cra are strong early-mid but not so much late-game. If i pick the wrong Dofus twice(fakes) im usually doomed. And enemies that don't collect/refresh the freebies make it really hard.

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She can destroy your 2 fakes dofus in the 5º shift...
Thats the problem, you lose in the early, no have late..
Look the foto.

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I wouldn't put 2 star Quiby in a Xelor deck,  he's more of a Sacrier/Iop/Sadida card, for 1 star Quiby I'd put him in Eniripsa

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That is the best information i read for this topic. smile
Everything with the question.

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cra is only broken if you play creatures first, uness it has 4 or more range it will trade in melee

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Nope, if she plays her creatures first like you want, she gonna attack you from longe range..
Or if her creatures are too close and they gonna die, she use her damage for destroy your summon.

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Yes! You're right! This is the game's name: KrosCra-ga! .... I hate cras too dude ¬¬

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cras is ridiculous. just lost to a cras player who is clearly p2w 10 minutes ago, i kind of wanted to add him and mention how he "outplayed" me. such a stupid god. why it has access to all that damn card advantage along with range and removal is beyond me.

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Exactly, and that is so unnecesary because, if a payer pick a Cra´s deck with the free cards he have like 75% of chances to win, but if he have a Cra´s deck with advanced cards too much p2w, he have 100% of chances to win, that is the actually situation.
Your experiences, they say it all.

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