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Ecaflip bug during match (Ecaflip roulette)

By SpeshuL-LesTwitch March 21, 2017, 09:30:52

Game Version-

OS: iOS 10.2.1 (iPad mini 4th gen)

Time and Date: around 8:00 (and some other times that I do not remember)

Hi Krosmaga Team

I'd like to address a bug concerning the use of the Ecaflip roulette (2 ap spell with + 1-6 armor).
I have used it from time to time, however, sometimes it acts like an ecaflip die (4 ap spell with 1-6 dmg). I am not sure if it's meant to work this way and it just doesn't have the description for a chance to damage instead of give armor. I have seen countless times using the roulette and having it damage my minions rather than give them armor, which also happens to enemy ecaflips when I fought against them. And no, I have not mistakenly used the Die instead of the roulette as there were times when I've used it and only had 2 ap to spare. 

Basically, I want to confirm whether that actually works that way, and if it does, please add it onto the description. If not, please fix the bug. I love playing the ecaflip class, however, there have been matches where I lost just because my own armor spell killed my minion instead. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Reproduction rate: Happens 1-2 times almost every match where I have the max of 3 of these Ecaflip Dice

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Ecaflip roulette isn't a +1-6 armor card.
It's a +1-5 armor, and kill the  creature if you get 6.

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Oh! I see. I thought it was a simple discard when you get a 6, like having your Eca Die back when you hit <4. Thank you for that! Would be nice if they made it a lot clearer in the description. Thanks!

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