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VC Redist temp files

By Rezilia March 06, 2017, 14:26:27

Windows 10

VC Redist x86

Started maybe a week ago.

Every time Krosmaga goes from the Installing bar to the launching window, it asks if I want to run VC Redist x86. The thing is that every time this happens, it generates a new temp file, and I don't think an actual Microsoft product would need permissions.

When I click No, I can run the game just fine. So the file isn't necessary, at all. I've deleted the temp files from it in my temp folder, but every time the installer bar finishes it creates a new file.

Please make it stop doing this. The file is completely unnecessary and I want the popups to stop (W10 doesn't have a manual auto-refusal feature afaik).

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One of our developpers has found a way around this problem. 

In your computer, go to your admin panel, then programs, and uninstall Microsoft Visual c++ 2015 Redistribuable(x86) - 14.0.23026

Then start your updater again: it will ask you to install the VC Redist packet one last time, and you should be set for good. smile

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I have tried that but it sadly keeps popping up the loading percentage, and it never used to do that (it used to directly open the launcher). Any other solutions I can try?

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