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[ES] Translation mistakes, wrong descriptions...

By VonWynau February 26, 2017, 21:05:48

Look I've already tried to write this post TWO times and it keeps being emptied when I click "post".

LV.2: "Level rules: Rushu always has 3 more AP than you"
LV.3: "Level rules: You're limited to a maximum of 7AP"

The descriptions are switched.

I'm just tired. After TWO attempts to create a post I don't have any more kind words left.
I've been playing with Ankama since Dofus was released internationally, I'm a patient person with games, Ankama has been part of my life for over 10 years.
I feel that you're lacking that.

Translation may be the easiest part of the difficulty of making games.
Don't you guys read your sections before adding them? Cards that are so wrongly described, Ecaflip's challenges that are written contrariwise, and now even Dungeons' descriptions, that consist of 3 phrases. This all leading to WRONG strategies, time lost, efforts wasted. Not even talking about how 90% of players being an overbuffed iop/cra makes practically everyone not want to play.

I am a visual artist, I aspire to work in Ankama someday. But it's getting tiring. I feel like throwing away my hopes with this company. Not even the forums work well. LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE, PLEASE. I can't stress this enough.

And add something to the forums to save the posts' text before sending them.

I can understand that we, as players, are here to help as well- but if the forum keeps deleting full posts after all the time spent on writing them, nobody's gonna report sh*t.
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We have received feedback about this error previously, and we will correct it on the next patch.  

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Thank you. I apologize for losing my patience.

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