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I do not know if it's a hacker or a bug, but it's strange.

By esnider2121#4688 February 25, 2017, 06:00:22

You see, I started a normal game to test a deck that was setting, and out of nowhere, I played a game against a Xelor. Everything went normal, without many problems I destroyed the first 3 dofus of which only one was a greener, and just when my Milkar is about to destroy another dofus, simply this one dies.

Strangely, I continued the game, but when trying to put creatures, I would not let me, even in spite of having 3 spaces for creatures, just let me put it in places that would not suit me at all.

When I thought to return to resume the game, I invoke my Alibert and then that guy destroys it only with a burn letter that takes 2 life, when my child has 4.

Not that I say that he is a hacker, but it is very evident that something strange happened ... And if it had been ranked?, I wan't to imagine the annoyance. Please check it out.

The name of the user is: Surpentus

I also use to report a translation error in a challenge, which is "heavy artillery", where the translation indicates that there are 10 cards that cost 6PA or less, when it is 6PA or more.
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Similar thing happened to me a little earlier with a player using the same krosmic card 4 times (Zaldior) to send my cards back into my hand. After having "sent it back to my hand" the cards would utterly disappear. Before I lost my opponent used the laugh emote safe to say i was very salty.  

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Zaldior does not bounce back your minion to your hand: it bounces it to the hand of the player who played Zaldior. If your opponent uses Zaldior on one of your minions, he will het it back to his hand... 

In addition, there are some ways to use the same Krosmic/Infinite  several times: by bouncing it several times to the hand, get it back from the discard with a Drheller, getting at the end of a line and shuffled back into the deck... I imagine your opponent has used these techniques to play him several times, right? 

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