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AP used, but card effects not applied

By VonWynau February 24, 2017, 16:25:42
Game version
OS version → Android 6.0.1
Time and date of encounter → 24 February 2017, 03:08 (GMT +1)
Description of the problem → Image here:
When I tried to use the card "Gerbilinda" (Gerbean), the APs were spent but it had no effect on the board. I've been asked if my minions were wounded. I've thought too much about it and even doubt, but since I was planning it beforehand, I'm pretty sure they were! I spent about half my turn waiting in case it was laggy, but my connection was just fine.
Thankfully it didn't affect much to the fight in the end.
What should happen My wounded minions should have reacted.
Reproduction rate It only happened this time. Though, I'm now starting with Sacrieur so I didn't play much with her before.

I'm really doubting if my minions were fine or not. I can say I'm very very certain they were wounded, but I apologize in case my mind was just playing on me or something. I had to make this post just in case, though!

Thank you so much!
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