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Midgin Tormentor "Quest"

By ShadowFacts February 23, 2017, 11:12:49

Honestly, I'm not sure if it's bugged or if simply don't understand the context of the quest.

*When farming the first room of Rushu's dungeon, I constantly cleared it without losing a single Dofus, which means I should have already completed this quest or at least have some/most points needed.. but it says "0/10".



Is the quest bugged or am I reading it wrong? o.O
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It appears it's a translation error. "Way of Beardamon" should be "Beardamon's Bad Mine", the name of the third level of this dungeon. We will fix this in a next patch. 

So you need to not lose any Dofus ten time on the third level to get this offering, not on the first. 

Score : 438

Wow that's evil... I was only able to beat the 3rd room by dumb luck. XD
*Played it like 5 times, finally killed 2 dofus in a single run, luckly both were the real ones.

Thanks for the clarification btw.

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