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Unable to play a spell card after Shadow gave it to my opponent then to me.

By Oamoka February 08, 2017, 02:08:55
  • Title -> Cannot play spell card after Shadow gave it to my opponent then back again
  • Game version ->
  • OS version of your computer Window 8
  • Time and date of encounter About 1h50 France time, 8/2/17
  • Description of the problem -> My opponent (a Xelor) summoned Shadow. At the end of his turn, as expected, we swapped a card from our hands - my opponent got my Riddling Arrow, while I got one of their curses. Their next turn, I got the Riddling Arrow back, and they got my Subversion. After this, I could not use the Riddling Arrow. Every time I clicked on it, Cra played the "spell cancelled" animation, and the card returned to my hand instead of allowing me to target a minion. Because I could not use the spell, I lost the match.
  • What should happen -> When Riddling Arrow returned to my hand, I should have been able to use it normally.
  • Reproduction rate -> This has never happened to me before, but I don't run into Shadow very often - I think this is the second time I've encountered Shadow.
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