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Effect bug: stun

By Joe-Vio#7842 January 03, 2017, 16:53:27

Hello everyone.

I've tried playing with the ability "stun" from the "demonic rose" with inconsistent results. The stun is only valid for the turn it was cast, which is fine. However, it is supposed to stop the stunned summon from counterattacking that round.

When put on a summon with no abilities, it worked fine for me. When put on a summon with resistance or first strike, it did absolutely nothing (both summons attacked each other as if nothing happened).

I have also had the same issue when attacking a stunned "karla blondie" with a fairly high at score...

I am not sure exactly how that bug works but it disrupts completely the ability.

Thanks and have fun!

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Stun block a summon for a turn, if the summon is left untouched will simply miss the turn (no step forward or attack), but if the summon is attacked the stun ends and the summon will counterattack, this does not happen only if the summon die before he can react, stun works in a very similar way to first strike, now, with "both summons attacked each other as if nothing happened" you mean that they attacked at the same time as usual or that your summon attacked and after the first strike the enemy counterattacked?
I'm asking because playing against various Iop I've seen a lot of them stun an high health summon with shake wasting the card due to a misunderstanding of this effect.

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You know, that would make a lot of sense. It's a shame they never actually explain this anywhere... >_>

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