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No quest reward for finished quest

By Leenbow December 22, 2016, 12:04:37

This bug was linked with another bug, actually
1) I had quest that gives 60 kamas for summons traveling sells (i don't think type of quest actually matters)
2) I won the battle after which i had to receive that 60 kamas
3) Bug happened on victory screen - everything turned black, however i still heard normal in-game sounds. I also could press on that continue button, however i couldn't see it. This thing happened to me few times already - i just relaunched the game and everything was fine.
4) So, i just alt+f4 the game and then entered back. I still had 15 kamas only + quest dissapeared. Well, that's unfair. So now that #3 bug bothers me really, and i hope you'll find any solution? Don't want that golden pack quest to vanish same way)

Windows 7, videocard - Nvidia 630M,
seems like this problem (with black victory screen) started to appear after last patch, or, previous before last..

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