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Ankama Launcher not starting Krosmaga

By Ekossa#7714 May 04, 2021, 22:55:13
  • Game version patch 1.15.2
  • OS version of computer Windows 10
  • Time and date of encounter 03/05/21
  • Description of the problem - I open the Launcher and when I go to Krosmaga and click 'play' the launcher closes without opening the game. Also my avatar is shown as offline, even though my internet is connected.
  • What should happen -> Krosmaga should start when I click 'play' in the launcher.
  • Reproduction rate -> Unpredictable. I uninstalled and re-installed the launcher - then it worked once but now it is malfunctioning again. Sometimes when I open it will ask me again for setup, to select language etc. When it does this it normally works to open the game after.
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me pasa igual, ya lo solucionaste?
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