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Larch getting more AT than expected

By Zaley#7030 July 07, 2020, 07:09:36

Game Version: 1.15

OS: Windows 10 Home

Date: 07 July, 2020
Time: Around 12PM (GMT+8)

When I play Larch, he sometimes gets more AT than expected. The text says he is supposed to get +1 AT for each allied seed in play. I assume that "in play" referred to seeds deployed on the field.

In the situation in the screenshot I expected him to gain +3 AT from the 3 seeds on the field, but he gained +12 instead. At first I thought maybe it included the seeds I had stored, but [3 (Base AT) + 3 (Seeds on field) + 8 (Stored seeds)] = 14. Perhaps the last +1AT is including the tree? 

If this is is functioning as intended, sorry for taking your time! It seems a little too strong if so, though.

Thank you!


Edit: Encountered another instance that seems to indicate that stored seeds, seeds on the field and trees all count towards Larch's AT boost. [3 (Base AT) + 1 (Seeds on field) + 3 (Stored seeds)] = 8.

Screenshot 2

However, other times he only counts the seeds deployed on the field. The inconsistency is probably something to look at, whichever behaviour is the true intent.

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