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All my card collection has disappeared!

By Rokos#7845 June 30, 2020, 21:04:04
I logged in to the game today after a very long break (the last time I played in 2018) caused by the lack of updates and new products, and what I saw is the complete lack of my collection. Long hours spent on grinds, playing with friends and in the ranking simply disappeared, I have absolutely nothing. I also logged in on the tablet to check if it was not a loading error and it is exactly the same.

After logging in, I saw the tutorial and thought that after such a long break it is not surprising, but maybe something important has changed. Anyway, I finished it quickly and realized that I didn't have my cards. I contacted my friend straight away, with whom we played a lot of Krosmaga to check his account and in his case everything was in place.

I will ask for help.
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Are you certain this is the same account your were playing with ?
Were you playing with your mobile before ? With steam ? Through Krosmaga normal launcher ?

If you had the tutorial once again, I'd say you didn't connect yourself on the correct ankama account. You played with friends thus you didn't have a temporary mobile account, which is a good thing.

(The best way to check it would be to ask your friend to check your name in his friend list, if it does not match "Rokos" that you have there, you most likely were playing on another account).
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I read my discrod history and you have right... I have another acount what I forget about.

I apologize for the whole situation.

Now I just need to establish the account details ...

EDIT: Problem solved. Once again apologize.

Please close.
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Don't worry the most important thing is that you got your cards back, have fun!
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