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Running the game problem

By HChevalier#9689 November 22, 2019, 20:34:12
So, i opened the launcher and weirdly enough the game was uninstalled, no prob, tried to install, can't... no prob, uninstall and redownload the launcher, install the game again, done. Game opens, title screen appears, game closes... Can't open game again... try to repair on the launcher, it does, play button substituted for repair button, can't play...

What the hell is happening?
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first sorry for my English
There is some problem for now :
1°/ connection error [X] :
=> Desactivate IP V6 of your network card until the next update.
2°/ Krosmaga can't be update (You have Krosmaga 1.13, the last is 1.14)
=> Install Ankama Launcher, install Krosmaga with Launcher (now, it's mandatory)
3°/ Avast detect Krosmaga.exe as a threat
=> Add an exception in Avast for Krosmaga.exe
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The problem is probably the first one, but i dont feel confortable doing that, so probably gonna wait for an update on their part.
Anyway, thank you very much for taking some time to answer me, really appreciate it
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